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The Tropical Aquarium Fish section
of Vital Information

The most popular species of Tropical Aquarium Fish, their needs and vital other information will be discussed in this section to inform you as best as possible on the subject.

Approximately 40,000 different species of Fish are recognized by ichthyologists, occuring in a wide range of habitats. New species although are discovered still freqeuntly of which were previously unknown.

This is said to justify that we will try to concentrate on the most popular and known types for now in our types of tropical fish discussions.

The following are a Family or Group list that we devide these fish into:

  1. Anabantoid
  2. Brackish water species
  3. Catfish
  4. Characoids
  5. Cichlids
  6. Cyprinids
  7. Killifish
  8. Livebearers
  9. Loaches
  10. Other African species
  11. Other American species
  12. Other Asian species
  13. Rainbowfish

To see a list of the Common and Scientific names of these fish and in what Family or Group they belong too, please see our tropical fish index.

An Aquarium also lends itself to a twentieth-century lifestyle and is a very relaxing hobby, and it is no coincidence that in potentially stressful places, such as a dentist's waiting room, a tank of fish is often present.

Learn all about live-bearing fish like Molly fish, and egg-laying tropical fish with their sometimes strange behaviours and most interesting habits and personalities. Get informed on aquarium care for these species of fish and get started with this hobby with this easy explained tropical aquarium setup.

LEFT: Angel fish and Tetras species.

Tropical fish come in a range of beautifull colours and sizes and shapes as this illustration left shows.

Tropical fish are beautiful, fascinating and relaxing to watch. They enhance any home and require the minimum of care.

If you are ambitious and prepared to put even more effort into your hobby, you can enhance your home with what is in effect, a section of a tropical coral reef complete with some of the most dazzling coloured living creatures on earth.

Find interesting information on adoptation, fin types and the fish anatomy. We will also inform about the successfull breeding of tropical fishes in the home aquariums for that extra boost of satisfaction to the descerning hobbyist.

Have great fun with this exciting new experience of movement, beauty of colour to admire and of course armed with knowledge and information given throughout our site on tropical aquarium and their fish species.

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