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Goldfish Bowl Care
Quick and Easy

Maintaining your fish bowl should not be a burden. Here are some suggestions to Goldfish bowl care to make it simple and easy even for the younger ones.

Your bowl should be cleaned at least once in 2 weeks, but we recommend weekly maintenance for optimal care of the fish, and avoiding health and other problems with them. This can be made less stressful using the following guidelines. Mainly depending on the size of your bowl of course and having one, or two goldfish in it.

You would need another 2 plastic containers to do this properly. Make sure that the extra containers are solely used for your bowls maintenance to keep it chemical and other matter free. One container for pre-treated water (must be able to take about the same volume of water as your bowl), and another for the items inside your fish bowl.

Schedule a specific convenient day to do your maintenance. One to two days before doing the maintenance, do the following with your one specific container. Fill it 75% with cold tap water and add a teaspoon of salt or water conditioner (as instructed on bottle) to it, and let it stand in the same room as where your bowl is. This will let the water reach the rooms temperature and also get rid of most chlorine in the water.

On the day of your goldfish bowl care or maintenance, start by adding 1 to 2 cups of water from your fish bowl to the container with the pre-treated water. Use your hand net and take out the fish, putting them into the container with pre-treated water.

Now throw the water out of the bowl (or use a cup to take it out), onto flowers or the lawn. This water is very healthy to flowers and plants and stimulates growth in them. Take out all ornaments, plants, rocks (if any) and place in the other extra plastic container.

Wash these objects thoroughly in clean tap water in this container. Take them out after cleaning and put them down where it can stay clean, like on your aquarium mat or paper towels for instance. Lastly take out the gravel or sand from your fish bowl and put into the same container with water where you just cleaned the ornaments.

There always stays some gravel or sand stuck to the bottom or sides of the bowl. Avoid trying to take this out by hand as you can easily scratch your bowls glass this way. Rather use a cup and pour some clean water into the bowl, throwing it out again into the extra container where the ornaments are. Do this untill the bowl is clean.

Now using your hands, run your fingers a few times through the gravel or sand to clean it. The dirt will usually rise to the top when doing this. Throw the water out, taking care not to throw the gravel or sand out along with it. Throw in clean water again, and run your fingers through it again. Repeat this 2 to 3 times. Who said you don't get your hands dirty with goldfish bowl care? Not really, its all done in water luckily.

Take the bowl and wet a paper towel with water. Do this 2 to 3 times using a new paper towel each time. Sweep out the bowl and use a dry paper towel to dry it. Now you can put back the gravel or sand, and ornaments if any.

Lastly by using the cup, pour in the water again untill the bowl is halfway full. More details are available in the goldfish bowl setup page on correct procedures. Goldfish bowl care is a necessity to your fish, please help them as they can't do it themselves. Okay, thanks and now, your ready to add your fish friends back into their home again. They will be happy and you can enjoy another week of grace and beauty watching them.

TOP: A clean and cared for goldfish bowl

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