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Aquariums are Great Fun
Learn all You Need to Know about Them

Looking at getting a stimulating and well rewarding hobby? Aquariums are very pleasing and interesting to the keen hobbyist and are usually a very prominent focus point for any room. Unfortunately the lack of knowledge about it mostly causes this not to be the case.

With this site we aim at taking the guess work out of managing and keeping them for the beginner as well as the more experienced users.

BELOW: Tropical fish aquarium (Oscar pair)

Apart from various fresh water fish species, tropical fish, salt water fish, goldfish and sea horses, aquaria can also include various other types of pets like spiders and dragons that are a real pleasure having to care for. Pet snakes are another good example of this.

In this site we will discuss different aquaria types to choose from and in the section of set it up we will show you how to do it right and get the most out of your choice. We will also put you in contact with places and companies where you can obtain all you need for your specific hobby.

BELOW: Salt water fish in a aquarium

Care for your equipment or pet is a very important part of success, and getting the best results for your time invested into your hobby. We will explain how this should be done properly.

The most popular fish species will be highlighted and their relevant fish tanks explained in detail within the site. The choosing of fish will be discussed and the breeding of them. Tank algae and treatment of fish diseases are just some topics you will find of interest on this site.

Here you will get tips on building one and also information on custom build units. Various types of equipment and accessories like gravel, filters, pumps, lighting and decorations will be looked at and discussed, as well as good maintenance hints will be given. Different topics on plants and the available types will be covered and how to plant and care for them as well.

We would like to simplify it for the hobbyist of all experience levels with easy to understand explanations and where possible pictures and other visual material to assist.

Enjoy your new fascinating and own little world with one of these extraordinary Aquariums that will give you years of pleasure and fun.

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Contents Table

A Choice of Home Aquariums and Types
Cannot decide? We list and discuss Various types of Home Aquariums to make it more easy to choose the most suitable one for you. Big or Small, we host them all.
Setting Up a New Aquarium Basics and Tips
All you need to know about Setting Up a New Aquarium made easy with these great topics listed
The Fresh Water Aquarium Fish species in Cold water
Get to know the Cold Fresh Water Aquarium Fish species like goldfish, their needs and important information about them.
The Tropical Aquarium Fish
Your guide to Tropical aquarium fish species, information and other great relevant topics.
The Tropical Fish Index page
Our listing of the tropical fish index page, highlighting the most popular and commonly found tropical aquarium fishes.
Other Pet Aquarium types apart from keeping Fishes
For those people who like to be different there are other types of Pet Aquarium to keep. A Reptile, Turtle or Sea horse might be a good alternative to keeping fishes as a hobby.
Basics of Aquarium Care and other Hot Topics
Learn all about Total Aquarium Care, feeding, algae and the fish anatomy to name just some topics.
What Aquarium Equipment is Available?
Many different Aquarium Equipment listed and individually discussed to make a better informed choice when selecting your hardware.
Online Aquarium Products from Aquariumsknowledge
We supply a wide range of online aquarium products for various pets to the discerning hobbyist
Contact us for personal correspondence
This contact us page is for more personal assistance on our site.

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